ticking off kah mun’s bucket list – first picnic together

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Fun off work

Picnics are the epitome of summer, whether it’s a straightforward tabletop setup at the local park, a gourmet basket in a meadow, or a blanket by the ocean at dusk. Simple or opulent? It doesn’t matter; all types of outdoor meals are lovely since they combine two of life’s greatest pleasures: food and people you spent with. And right about now, being able to safely see our friends and family outdoors sounds nice. We’re starting to be able to crawl out of our homes and make the initial steps toward emerging back into the world.

We spent the entire week planning what we will do and what we will eat. Thinking about all the fun we were going to have made our heart flutter but the weather that day didn’t cooperate, so we were unable to go to our local park to set up for picnic that we initially planned. So, we ended up enjoying the time in Owen house’s back yard, which was also just very chill, thanks to the outdoor setting with the rooftop of course, laidback vibe and casually talking. It’s just a short holiday off from work. Everyone’s heart was light, and mind was fresh. No one is young or mature when it comes to picnics, we all act and enjoy like kids.

We had brought tasty home-cooked snacks from our homes or that some ordered from bakery shops. We unpacked our food and divided it among ourselves. As we gathered ourselves around evening, so it was expected that everyone’s hunger had increased. Then we started heading towards the food zone. The food tasted tastier than usual, maybe it was because of the company of the whole team, or maybe it was because we were very hungry. The next 30 minutes was complete silence enjoying the food. The highlight was definitely the Watermelon Soju! Cheers!

When the food is gone and we are full, we played little activities without a care in the world. It’s quite meaningful for us as it gives us the scope to catch up with some of the ex-colleagues which came and become closer to them. Started off with answering anonymous questions going by rounds to dig in some deep secrets then playing some card games.

Exhaustion hits all of us by the end but we go home happy, nonetheless. The day of fun is soon ending, but there will be many more to come. Even if the picnic is over, the memories of it live on. All the wonderful memories we made together, as well as many lovely pictures, will live on in our hearts forever. We’ll be ticking off another bucket list soon to celebrate our togetherness, and happiness!

Excited for more!! – Kah Mun