the what and why of branding services in miri

by | Mar 30, 2022 | digital marketing

What Is A Brand?


A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other characteristic that identifies businesses’ good or service as differentiate from others. Brands are the image that people have in mind when relate to businesses’ products or services either in practical (function, utilitarian) or emotional (feeling) way. Consequently, not just physical characteristic that build a brand but also the emotional feeling that people develop with in contact with businesses. People are triggered when they are exposes to the familiarise or favourite name, logo, visual identity or even message communicated. In other words, people create their own version of the brand that will affect the popularity because of how people feel about it. So, no matter if you are startup business, microbusiness or medium sized business in big city Kuala Lumpur or small town Miri, branding services is important for you to grow your business.


What Is Branding?

During the branding process, it gives organization, company, product or services a specific meaning to create and shape a brand in consumer’s minds. The core principal of brand design is to help people quickly organize, identify and experience organization’s brand and choose them over the competitors. The main objective of branding is to attract and retain loyal customers by delivering promising branding aligned with product.

Branding services include:

  • Business, product or service name selection
  • Developing a brand identity usage guideline
  • Brand messaging statements
  • Brand marketing and promotion strategy
  • Developing marketing collaterals
  • Presentation design
  • Logo design
  • Brochure and stationary design
  • Packaging and product design
  • Website design and development


Importance To Design Your Branding Before Business Launch

Firstly, business owner often priorities launching the product then think of their brand and even company’s logo. When it come to the time in demanding a logo, most businesses could just buy services from freelance designers or pre-designed logo online. At first it meets all your requirement in having a logo but in long term you’ll not be able to change the logo as it already set in audience’s impressions even if the logo does not make any sense.

Based on branding and marketing experts, people perceive the business and its products are strongly influences by how a company builds and present its brand. Specifically, consumers’ perceived value toward your product or services determines your business trustworthiness and values. Consumer are prejudiced when it come to comparison with your competitors during shopping. This is where professional branding service come in. Not all the businesses have a firm grasp on who are they as a brand, or even how to start build brand identities. Branding service agencies help you to define the key principles and intangible qualities that set you apart from competitors. They also approach branding from numerous angles, helping businesses establish or expanding their brand in ever possible way. Here are a few important branding tips:


Understand Your Audience

The first step in building brand is determining your target audience through their personality and behaviours. The more specific you learn from target audience in term of gender, age, location and habits etc. the greater you can catch their attentions. Being able to understand target audience’s personality and emotion lead to their physically and imaginary preferences in name and features.

Value Proposition

After determining who are the target audience, you need to figure out why would the audience engage into business with you. Find out your business unique values that would make audience choose you over the competitor in market. Value proposition including :

  • Business vision and mission statement
  • Marketing slogan and tag lines
  • Internal communication messages
  • Brand messaging guidelines etc.

Branding service agencies will align these value proposition statements created with marketing strategies for your brand.



One of the greatest business risks is fall into imitation trap. Consumers perceive your product or services as “copy-cat” because it resembling on how your competitor has branded their company. Keep your competitive research up to date is important as it can give you ideas on how you can improve or further set apart your brand. Reflect your business personality and value proposition into your brand design are what make you stand out from competition and become memorable brand in consumers’ mind.



Consistency in using your brand logo is important as it deliver brand message and personalities to audience so that they not confused with other brands. The product or service, language, tone and personalities deliver to consumer should be consistent with brand message. Example, Coca-Cola’s Spencerian Script reflects the company’s long history and a core product that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 100 years. Branding service agencies help design logos that do more than just catch audience attention, they establish a clear identity and illustrate core business values. Brand designers can craft a perfect visual representation whether the company want to own a professionalism, company historic legacy or disruptive ideas for their brand.


How Much Does Branding Cost?

Branding budgets can differ depending on brand’s aim on moderate competition in small geographic region or major competitors in the global marketplace. Branding can be an incredibly costly and time-consuming process, but it’s worth the investment in establishing reputation. Addition, investing in either or both digital marketing and traditional media are vary depending on your brand channel. In market, there’s huge range between the low-end and high-end cost that involved in building a professional and powerful brand that are flexibility in use for nationally or internationally. If your goal is to build a growing and leveraging brand, the cost in investing branding will be minimal in comparison to the value (profit) received.

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Final Though

Branding services can help businesses or companies with any situation they might be struggling with. Horizn Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Miri which provide branding services in Miri and throughout Malaysia. We are a skilled design team to help companies to create a brand identity from scratch or helping them finding a better way to communicate the company’s core values and deliver to audiences.