the youngest one in the office – natasha lai had her first career talk in her former college, riamtec

by | Jul 6, 2022 | event

Riam Institute of Technology (RIAMTEC) had sent an invitation to Natasha Lai in accordance to invite her to give a short half an hour career talk for School of Business’s Entrepreneurship Day on 2nd July 2022 late afternoon. Anyone struggling to move beyond a challenge like dealing with the boss from hell or just trying to juggle it all with life, the career talk that day shares it all.

The event was began by a short welcoming speech by officiating speech by CEO of Riam Institute of Technology Miri, Associate Prof Dr.Pauline Ho. Then followed by an entrepreneur talk, Introductory of RIAMTEC Courses and Cash Flow Games. Afterwards proceeding with Natasha’s talk. She began with a self-introductory and mentioning her position in Horizn Digital. Natasha’s position is Public Relations, as she shared how she love to interact with people and making good friends. A year ago, Natasha had started off as an intern for a duration of 3 months and slowly developed the interest on Digital Marketing. After her Diploma, she transformed into Full Time at Horizn and at the same time pursuing her degree in Curtin University Malaysia.

She had drawn her own experience juggling between work and coping with her degree including some challenges and how reality differs from expectations. Her talk was mainly trying to give hopes of providing the students with an insight into how digital marketing is applied and engaged in real-life operations to let students know that work is not always dull and boring, but it can be interesting as well. She doesn’t tolerate senseless self-pity and she speaks authentically here because she’s been through personal struggles herself for choosing this pathway to work while studying.

Not only that, she also had shared some tips or two on how students should prepare for their job interview and mentioned how she was very nervous on her first one. But agree with her or not, she ultimately offers some interesting nuggets of advice for just about everyone for both students and to the ones that are still on the road of discovering their career. The hands-on, real-world aspect of the business world allows everyone to learn the aspect of doing it in real life, rather than by reading about it through the textbook. There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing and chasing your ‘dream job,’ but finding a career you love and are good at takes time, patience, and a little sense of adventure. Natasha had continuously emphasized on how everyone should find themselves and know what’s their interest in rather than for the sake of it.

In conjunction with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed earlier this year on 24th January 2022, Natasha also had recommended all students and external participants if they are interested in Digital Marketing field to apply for internship in Horizn Digital. After the end of the talk, Natasha and her team had come on stage to receive a Token of appreciation from the college and ended with a group photo session and some distribution of her name cards that day. As a whole, it was a memorable day and another milestone for Natasha as this was her first experience talking to approximately hundred people.


Keep moving forward! It doesn’t matter whether you walk or run, you’ll get there eventually – Natasha Lai