importance of digital marketing in growing your business

by | Jan 14, 2022 | digital marketing

Since the digital revolution happened in this whole world, the accessibility of the internet has led to the growth of online business. At the end of 2019, Covid-19 pandemic has become an unexpected strong driving force in pushing the growth of online business to another higher level. Eventually contributing to more and more ecommerce shops springing up like mushrooms. Along with this trend, digital marketing is getting more attention as a new marketing strategy for small to large and international companies. So, what exactly is digital marketing and what is the importance of digital marketing in business growth?


What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing.  The use of the internet, social media and search engines such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yahoo to reach current and potential clients.

You may think that – ‘’Well, digital marketing is just about posting on Facebook and building a website. It’s too simple! Why should I pay for digital marketers?’’ The moment you have a thought like this, you will never succeed in marketing your company.

In digital marketing, the company logo, website, online brochures, email marketing and beyond involved a huge spectrum of tactics and knowledge. While digital marketers understand clearly how the tactics and knowledge can support them to meet clients’ objectives.


What Is The Importance Of Digital Marketing?

Target The Right Audience At The Right Place

SInce the growth of the internet, the time people spend online is increasing day by day. No matter whether they are youngsters, adolescents or old people, more and more of them started to browse social media, use search engines to look for information or products, purchase services or products online etc. By building an online presence, you can reach more people who need your products or services which eventually lead to better results for your business. Besides, digital marketing is able to help you identify and target highly specific audiences and then send them highly conversion marketing messages. For example, one of the commonly used tactics is Facebook Ads Manager where you can target your preferred audiences according to age, occupation, interest, location, gender, language etc. 



Another importance of digital marketing is cost effectiveness than traditional marketing such as printed advertisement. The reason being is that digital marketing allows you to track your campaign results on a daily basis. Whenever you realise that the ROI is not worth it, you can stop the campaign or reduce the budget on the channel anytime and anytime, as long as you have access to the internet.  However, traditional marketing such as printed brochures and billboard advertisements always cost you the same, no matter if it is converting or not. Another hash truth is – people always tend to ignore and miss out on anything that looks like advertisement as they spend most of their time on their phones and laptop. Besides, digital marketing enables you to distribute your budget according to the channel. For instance, if the campaigns on Instagram stories demonstrate high ROI compared to Facebook Ads Manager for your company, you can spend more money on Instagram stories since it is effective.


Measurable Results To Track Your Strategies

Digital marketing provides a comprehensive view of all metrics such as clicks, impressions, share and views in real time. Thus, you can easily monitor and track your campaign results anytime you want. With this, you can always adjust the metrics such as cost, target audience, contents, copywriting etc of campagin to drive a better ROI. Unlike traditional campaigns, you can’t make any changes while the campaign is running. You can only work on the results after the campaign has ended, and refine your campaign strategies for the next. Besides, the measurable results of digital marketing enable you to track which type of ads (engagement, leads, reach) and which type of advertisement contents (videos, carousel, image) convert your target audiences to your customers. This can help you in refining your strategy to get a better result.


Flexibility And Expansion

Another benefit of digital marketing is that it offers more flexibility and a higher chance of expansion to your company. If you are a SME, it is quite hard for you to compete with big companies in your industry. However, digital marketing gives SME more flexibility to compete with large companies. For instance, search engine optimization is a good strategy for SME. By identifying the long tail keywords related to your brand and creating high quality contents, these can help you to rank high on search engines such as Google for those keywords. Search engines will prioritise the contents that best fit with the target audience regardless of SEM or big companies. Other than that, digital marketing also offers flexibility on the types of campaigns. For example, you can use email marketing and social media posts to reach your audiences instead of printed advertisements only. Since more and more people spend time on digital screens, online engagement with your audiences can help boost brand recognition and boost your sales.


In conclusion, digital marketing has numerous advantages compared to traditional marketing. With digital marketing, you have a greater opportunity to grow and expand your business. By running different types of campaigns, you can achieve different valuable results for your business. 

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