horizn digital and riamtec sign mou to conduct more joint activities that benefits undergraduates

by | Apr 29, 2022 | digital marketing

Horizn Digital Sdn Bhd and Riam Institute of Technology (RIAMTEC) met to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in building mutual cooperation between the two parties. The MoU signing took place at the library of the RIAMTEC Multipurpose Building, on Monday (24 January).

The MoU was signed by the Chairman of RIAMTEC Board of Directors, Datuk Seri Law Kiu Kiong and the Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Digital, Jarone Choo Chin Yii. On RIAMTEC’s behalf, the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Pauline Ho, Head of Business Department, Agnes Tai, Tan Tze Horng, acting as the RIAMTEC Programme Leader and Elzuine Balai, RIAMTEC Career and Employment Officer, as well as on Horizn Digital’s behalf, Gabriel, Creative Director, Steven Wee, Finance and Administrative Director, Owen Choo, the Marketing Manager, assembled in the library to witness this meaningful moment. 

Riam Institute of Technology (RIAMTEC) is a private institution of tertiary learning in Miri that offers a range of programmes from pre-university programmes up to degree-level qualifications. It is a pioneer of technological higher education with its alumni playing important roles in innovation, economic and social development. 

After all, it is part of RIAMTEC’s mission to build a solid foundation to provide quality education for all in the 21st century, thus leading to RIAMTEC agreeing to collaborate with Horizn Digital Sdn. Bhd to provide RIAMTEC with the tools and assistance needed that mutually benefits both parties. With the signing of this memorandum, RIAMTEC and Horizn Digital will conduct cooperative activities with the involvement of both parties’ staff, experts, students, and alumni. These implementations include educational, training and internship programmes in several fields such as digital marketing, business management, finance, and accounting.

Any future joint activities will positively influence the students in developing their soft skills such as networking as well as training them for real-world situations for their careers in the local industry. This aligns with the purpose of Horizn Digital, which focuses on building a positive outlook of prioritising local businesses for those searching for job opportunities in addition to bringing out the best in someone using digital marketing, especially for Mirians. Horizn Digital will continue to develop connections with other educational institutions across Miri for this purpose, then reach out to other local universities in Malaysia.