first film event: miri filmmaker’s assembly on 30th july 2022

by | Aug 3, 2022 | event

On 30th July 2022, a memorable event occurred that was organized by Horizn Digital which was Miri Filmmaker’s Assembly Event supported by TV Sarawak with strategic partners, MYY Living Arts and Tegas Digital Innovation Hub. Jerry Foo was the organizing chairman and did an amazing job organizing everything from all the preparations to the real day event. People learn and grow from every experience they have it’s the differences in interpretation.

We had invited talented and experienced speakers to come and share their knowledge with the young filmmaker’s audience. Our speakers were carefully selected to ensure filmmakers of all levels can get something at the end of the event. They are a group of remarkable people all the way from Kuala Lumpur and Kuching to share about some filmmaking technicalities such as Film Languages, Scriptwriting, Cinematography and many more. The goal of this event is to further equip Sarawakian filmmakers with sufficient knowledge on filmmaking to further develop their ideas and visions into reality.

The event began by a welcome speech by Cr. Nicholas Toh Kah Shiong with such high spirits. He mentioned that Sarawak is a place rich with cultures and stories yet to be told, and we believe that having events like these is a great way to inspire and uplift the community in hopes that more stories can be told on local grounds.

Probably the most obvious advantage of this film event is to meet more filmmakers and know more of the industry especially in Miri Sarawak. There’s a unique opportunity at the event because almost everyone has the same interest as you. So, networking in this case doesn’t really feel like networking, at least in the stuffy corporate sense.

The whole event was an exceptional experience and a rare opportunity to see the speakers screening their short films that wasn’t been published to the public. It was really fulfilling to watch some of the incredible films. It is no surprise that all filmmakers will continue to go from strength to strength; their work is of the highest and most original quality, all driven by a sincere love for what they do and the films they enhance through their bespoke productions. We are already looking forward to the next event! Cheers.

Every journey starts with the first step, and I believe this is the first step towards something amazing! – Jerry Foo


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