curtin bentley exchange student’s site visit to horizn digital

by | Dec 13, 2022 | event

Few weeks back, on 19th November 2022, Curtin University Malaysia brought its students that are from the Bentley exchange program to site visit at Horizn Digital. The main highlight of the site visit covers our experience in the industry, work-in-progress and thoughts. As well as inspiring these young minds to deepen their interest in learning about the business perspective of digital marketing. 

The students from Curtin were welcomed with a speech by the CEO of Horizn Digital, Jarone Choo and the Operation Manager, Owen Choo. They shared how they were students from Curtin pursuing their degree and decided to open the firm where they started working in Owen’s living room while Jarone searches for clients that are willing to accept their services. Owen had also presented some of Horizn’s previous work samples, production photos/behind the scenes and more to the students.

The students that are majoring in Business wish to see more and learn more about the digital marketing field. We wish to provide as much informative and educational view but also to inspire these young minds to deepen their interest in learning about digital marketing. In addition to that, how can this field grow more in Miri Sarawak as Miri is a small town with a small population.