an insightful discussion on the potential business event in miri with sarawak’s mtcp , dato sri abdul karim rahman hamzah

by | Aug 26, 2022 | event

On the 24 of August, The CEO of Horizn Digital, Jarone Choo and the Operation Manager, Owen Choo, also the Miri Business Event Committee members were invited to have a Discussion on the Potential Business Event in Miri where the discussion took place at Baitulmakmur II Building in Kuching. 

Hence, Sarawak’s Minister of Tourism, Creative Industries and Performing Arts (MTCP), Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah received a courtesy call from the Miri Business Events Committee (MBEC) to talk about the Business events that can be implemented in the City of Miri.

The Courtesy visit was led by the Chairman of MBEC which is also the Mayor of Miri , Adam Yii Siew Sang and also joined by the Chief Executive Officer of Business Events Sarawak, Amelia Roziman and other members of MBEC. 

According to Dato Sri Abdul Karim, The City of Miri has a lot of potential for tourism-related items, especially those related to business events. In addition, Miri city, a place with a tonne of interests, particularly the lovely natural aspects like the hills and the sea, as well as a variety of tourism-related attractions like the populated Niah Cave, Mulu Cave, and so on. Moreover, the reason behind what makes Miri become the potential City is because Miri itself is close to Brunei. The city of Miri, he continued, is intriguing enough to host conferences or seminars.

In the end,  the discussion has definitely helped the Committee members to increase their engagement and collaboration especially to make Miri as the potential City to hold seminars or any related business events.